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                 The Gospels in Harmony                   Sermon #353    Posted 11/14/21

Short and Pointed  "A Great Multitude"
The Gospels in Harmony  Sermon #353-111321


29  And as they departed from Jericho, a great multitude followed him.  
Matthew 20:29
46  And they came to Jericho: and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.
Mark 10:46
     Oh how often we read the Bible and think to ourselves wow that must have been something to see back then. Just think of the blind people in the world today who would love the opportunity to see for the very first time. Well folks, every Christian, every blood bought, born again, Spirit filled child of God knows what it is like.
   What the Bible teaches is the physical description of what Jesus does for us spiritually. If it is not telling us of actual events, it is giving us the parables Jesus spoke that we may understand the spiritual by understanding the physical. We as Christians were all at one time just as blind as the characters in these verses of scripture.
    Well you may think to yourself that is not true but oh my dear friend; without knowing the truth about the light of life in Christ you are blind. You are in the stygian darkness of hell itself. Your soul is blind to wander in all the lies of this world until it falls to the ground with your body. Jesus is the light of life so everything else is just another walk in the dark.
But before the story of blind Bartimaeus can be covered we first read that Jesus departed from Jericho and a great multitude followed Him.
Think about the words that are written for us. “A great multitude.”
We are not just saying a bunch of people or a large gathering. No, a great multitude means a very noticeable mass movement here folks!
Large enough that even a blind man could tell something was out of the ordinary and he wanted to know what it was!
    Have you ever thought about that?
If it would have just been Jesus and a hand full of disciples the blind beggars along the way would never have known who it was that was passing by. They would have simply held out the cups for a coin or two from just another passer-by.
    But no, this was different. There was a great multitude of people passing by and that was out of the ordinary. That was something that peaked their interest and awoke their desires.
    Now think if you will; what would happen today if Christians would be seen as one great multitude moving in one direction under the guidance of the one and only truth of the Word of God? Would the world sit up and take notice if all the Christian congregations would cast off their differences and begin to walk in unity in Christ? 
   Let me tell you right now, the disunity of the church has done more to keep people blind than can be imagined. The blind in our day are those who not only will not see but cannot see. They do not see anything different in believers than anyone else passing by. They cannot see Jesus in or with those who do pass by. What they see is hardly different from any other small organizational gathering. They do not recognize nor do they desire to be with them so they just go on in their blindness serving Satan in this world.
      What do you think would happen if all the churches in your area would cast off their denominational names and differences and gather together to come to one understanding of the Word of God? What do you think would happen if they all began to walk in the same direction in the same light? Well I can assure you that even the blind would sit up and take notice! Yes, the blind that cannot see Christ working in all of these little groups of religious practitioners. The multitude of churches that will not join with others to become a great multitude which would most certainly be heard and seen by all. That’s everyone in the area. Certainly you all know how fast word travels around here! Sadly most of it is gossip because there really is little truth to talk about when the Church is not front and center in a community!
    Look at what you have in this one simple verse which is usually read over and little is drawn from. You have a large body and the head of that body is moving with it. Or should we say we have the head with a large body moving with it. We have the description of the church and its head being seen and heard and people recognizing this is awesome! People who have heard of Jesus but have never come near Him. People who know they need Him but have never seen or heard of the presence of Him in their vicinity. 
    Now listen up folks, this is a very sad and very common occurrence all across our country. But we need to focus on it right here in our area. There is no shortage of the blind nearby who do not and cannot see Jesus as the head of any great multitude moving by His direction. Jesus certainly isn’t the problem, right? So it must be the multitude! 
   Where is the multitude? Well there are a handful over there who go by one name and another over there by that name and a whole bunch who go by the same name but meet at a half dozen different places so they certainly aren’t noticed as anything special! All those little gatherings hardly qualified to be called a congregation refuse to join with the next group because they have a different name or that’s not where their parents went to church or so and so goes there and they have a problem with them. Really, folks? Really?
     Where is Jesus in all of that?  Jesus is the head of the church; the united great multitude that can be seen and heard moving as one with His presence. The multitude that must be seen and heard by the lost; the spiritually blind that they may know His presence near them. Nothing has changed since that moment the blind men on the road to Jericho asked what was going on. Jesus still brings the light of life into the lives of all who will cry out to Him. Nothing has changed except for division in the body which renders it weak and insignificant.  And where do you think that came from?
   The oldest battle plan in existence was devised by Satan himself. Divide and conquer. Unity is in God. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
26  And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: ----
Genesis 1:26                                                                                           When Satan was cast out of heaven he took 1/3rd of the angels with him. 
(Rev 12)
Have you ever thought about that?  Well folks they were cast out with him because Satan had already convinced them to follow him. He was already creating division in the whole. He was already attempting to tear apart the body to make it weak. He was already instilling the idea of separating to become greater. And so goes the church today!
     The blind will remain blind if they cannot recognize the presence of Christ in the church. I don’t care how many people you have in your little congregation if the world does see it moving as one with all the rest of the congregations you are not obeying the Word of God. You are not one body; a great multitude that cannot be denied or missed. You have been deceived into believing denominational differences are acceptable to God. Where is that in the Bible!
    Unity is in God through Jesus Christ. Disunity is by Satan and has fragmented the real church, the real body, the great multitude into a helpless, useless, un-noticeable, and even embarrassing bunch of religious practitioners. 
5  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
2 Timothy 3:5
    The power and presence of God will always be seen in unity. It will always be seen in the great multitude following Jesus without any division just as the physical example shows us from the Word of God. Cast off the differences that separate you from your fellow Christian. Become one in the truth of the Word. Study the Word together until there is one understanding as the Word does not say one thing to this group and something else to another. Revival, is coming back to Christ and leaving the world and all of its division behind. Then and only then will the blind, the lost in this world, sit up, take notice and cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ to be lifted from the darkness of sin.
    Unity is in God through Christ Jesus. Division is in Satan.
Anything that keeps the church fragmented and weak is not of God.
This is a call for all congregations to join as one in the name of the Lord and become " A great multitude " once again.
22  But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
James 1:22


Short and Pointed "A Great Multitude"
Pastor Steven Freede
Cornerstone Independent Church Ministry



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