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                 SHORT and POINTED                                      The Would Buts                   Posted 3/11/18

   Short and Pointed   3/10/18


The Would Buts


    It's funny, how something someone says, will trigger memories from so long ago that a date cannot be fixed to it. However many times, if not most of the time, memories from the past are still happening this very day. Let me give you an example.
    My wife and I were talking about giving personal care to some folks who are very dear to us. She began by saying how much she would like to see others step up to willingly spend time helping out. She then added that every time something is said that would give them a clear opportunity to do so, all she gets in answer is, "I would, but----."
     I began to laugh, remembering my Dad used to refer to people as "The would buts.”  For a while I thought it was some ones last name. However, after hearing it more often, "Oh there just a bunch of would buts" and I knew the folks he was talking about had a different last name, I began to think it was a term he used to make fun of them. As if to say their backsides were made of sawdust or something. Remember, I was just a kid and I took things literally more times than not.  Well, I never much thought of it again until my wife was telling me about her frustrations with the answer she was hearing from most people who should be willing to give of themselves.
"I would, but----."
      After all these years, I finally caught on to what Dad was saying. He was talking about folks who had every excuse in the book not to do something, not be somewhere they were needed or even not help out. Their excuses always began with "I would, but--.”
"The would buts.” Now I get it!
      But here is the frightening thing about "The would buts."
We have all been "would buts" to some degree. The sin of selfishness and self centeredness is in all of us from birth. Only true disciples of Jesus Christ are able to recognize that sin in themselves and strive to make the change from being a "would but" to a "will because.”
Well, when the truth of the Word of God begins to shine on one's heart, the darkness of sin begins to be shown for what it really is. The more the light shines and is allowed to enter and remain, the more that darkness not only is removed but is easily identified in unbelievers.
   Now, I'm not preaching judgment against another. What I am saying is, without knowing what is righteousness and holiness and truth, sin is not sin to the lost.
They cannot see it because of the darkness of sin they live in.
"The would buts" are a perfect example of the lost.
Can you even begin to imagine how many times the Holy Spirit calls a person to the light of the truth in Christ. It is the Holy Spirit who calls and lights the way to the cross for every person in this world. It is the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that shines for all to see and it is made visible and audible through many people and many ways. Every "would but" is called, however not many ever change the lyrics to their tune. “I would, but---excuse, excuse, excuse!”
Do you know, that an "I would but" with an excuse attached, is a NO with a permission slip from Satan?
Not one time in the Bible did God ever say "I would but.”  His answers are always, yes or no. Even when He says "If You", He is making reference to what He has already made sure for all who will. When God says "I will" it is an action that has already been spoken into existence and is waiting for us to look toward the light of truth and say "I will because" instead of "I would but".
    One day every person will stand before the throne of God with their knees bent and their heads bowed waiting to hear the summation of the life they were given by God in this world. All will be there for one reason. To hear God give them entrance into the Heavenly Kingdom. At that very moment the few who gave up their excuses to say, "I will because" will be ushered through the pearly gates to receive their rewards. The rest will ask why they have not been let in and the Lord will say, "I would but" and every excuse each person gave for not giving himself in faith and obedience for a life in Christ, will be repeated back in their hearing.
" I would but, I never knew you" will be the words they will never stop hearing. They will be commanded to depart into the blackness of their own hearts and will suffer eternal separation from the light of life.

    So the next time you get ready to utter "I would, but---," be sure the excuse that goes with it is the truth. If you feel you must lie to keep from doing anything, you are bowing to Satan. You are his disciple with a written pass to enter hell for eternity.
But when the truth is seen in the light of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, those excuses are seen for what they really are and self becomes the least thing of importance when it comes to charity toward others. Charity as in love given in all ways. It's the all encompassing love that requires personal attention as well as giving through others. "I would but" becomes "I will because".

To the true disciple, Jesus is their "because.”  He is every promise God has ever made for us.
To the lost of this world, Satan is their "but.”  He is every excuse that is enmity toward God.
So, tell me; would you rather step before the throne with all of the promises of God "because" or continue to be Satan's "but"?


Short and Pointed
Pastor Steven Freede
Cornerstone Independent Church




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