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                 SHORT and POINTED                             Good Defined, as in Friend              Posted 10/12/18

Good Defined, as in Friend


   In this day and age the word good has been so distorted and misused it can hardly be recognized for its once powerful and praise worthy meaning.
Good today is often used to describe something that is a little better.  Even slightly better than something that is bad or thoroughly disgusting. Good can simply mean better or acceptable or even tolerable. Modern man looks at any slight improvement in wrong doing as good.
    Good has become a matter of opinion with no standard of measurement or even high mark that should be reached or strived for.
However the Bible gives us a very clear definition of good and if we take this definition to heart and apply it to our lives we would be wise indeed.
18  And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Mark 10:18  
    Jesus gave us the standard for Good.
It is God.
There is none more powerful because He is the one and only God.
There is none more loving, understanding or more giving than our one true God.
There is none more patient and willing to be with us at any and all times.
There is none so everlasting in life and in death.
God is good all the time!
     Now, what I would like for all who read this Short and Pointed sermon is apply that highest standard to the definition of good that you know or have been taught to believe and use.
Because we use the word good so flippantly for anything and everything, let's narrow its application down to just our friends.
     What is a good friend to you?
Is it someone who you converse with on a social media platform more often than other “friends”? Is it someone who shares most of your views and opinions about what is happening in the world or perhaps is more willing to listen to your troubles and problems that you would rather complain about than do something about?
Perhaps it is someone you believe would help you if you needed assistance.
Someone you think you could trust to stand with you through thick and thin. Someone that should handle  matters if you should pass away. Someone who is what you believe is better to you than everyone else.
      Well, I'm here to tell you, you just wrote a blank check!
Your opinion of a good friend is commendable but worthless.
Jesus has given us the definition and standard for good.
Your good friend must be your best, most honored, most respected, most faithful, most aware and desiring of holiness and righteousness with and for you, that you could have in this world.
      Your good friend should be none other than the most supportive person in your life as you strive to live your life for Christ Jesus.
But a good friendship has the same love and support in return.
     We are all called to be one in Christ Jesus. We are also called to be one with our spouse and with our brethren in Christ Jesus.
If you are a married couple, man and wife, you have already chosen your good friend for life, until death do you part.
Remember the Biblical definition of good is ----the one and only best of everything to and for you. ----- there is none good but one, that is, God. God is all in all for everyone who humbles themselves in faith and obedience to Jesus Christ, the living Word of God.
    So a good friend would be, by the Bibles definition, the one and only best of everything to and for you.
Well, folks, I really hope and pray that describes your spouse.
My wife and I share a love that is so special it is almost hard to describe.
We are the best of buddies. We are each others’ good friend because we support each other in our walk and work for our Lord. We give our best for each other and our families. We share and bless and care for each other with the love that God has shown us to be His love for us.
     My good friend is my friend for life.
Just as God is my everything for life. God has shown me what Good really is and I get to glorify Him by being the same kind of Good to the lifelong friend He has blessed me with.
My good friend and I give each other our best for the glory of God that the world may see His love in and through us.
     Is God good to you? Is He the best of everything to you?
Has He blessed you with a Wife or a Husband to be your best friend for life?
Is your love for God being shown by how good you are to each other?

18  And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.
Mark 10:18
      God is good all the time because He is the one and only best of everything to and for you. He is so good, He will even bless you with a good friend for life that you may show the world what good really is by honoring and glorifying Him as you become the same kind of one and only best of everything to and for each other.
Now, the next time you use the word good to describe something, I pray you will think about the true meaning according to the Word of God.
I pray that your love for your spouse will grow with your love for our Father in heaven that you will have a Good marriage for the glory of God.
And if you are not married, I pray God will bring to you a Good friend to share your love and devotion for life in Jesus Christ. AMEN!
       You can have many friends but only one Good friend for life. Good friends share their lives in Jesus Christ for the Good, forever.


Short and Pointed
Good Defined, as in Friend
Pastor Steven Freede
Cornerstone Independent Church


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