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Bulletin Board News

Thank You for your patience and persistance in the Lord and for us. This summer has been filled with many trying events from the corona virus to care for our loved ones.  Praise the Lord we are still here and taking on every challenge the Lord has for us to grow in.  Our prayer is for all who come to enjoy Pastor Freede's sermons. We pray you also will be encouraged by the truth in God's Word to grow in these very challenging times.  Be Blessed  Be Safe  God's love to you all. Amen!  8/24/21

Spring is here in West Virginia.

The Daffodils are blooming and the farm is being fitted for the potatoe seed to be planted.

Pastor Freede would like to thank everyone for their prayers for this ministry and all who come to read and grow in the Word of God. This year will be filled with more gardens and canning, more building and planning and more sermons. Thank You for checking our website on a regular basis as sermons will be posted as they are ready. Thank You for passing this Website on to others that they may know and grow in the Lord. And Thank You for your prayers.

3 I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

4 Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy,

5 For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now;

6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:
Philippians 1:3-6

Be Blessed

Be Safe

Pastor Steven Freede

Cornerstone Independent Church Ministry


Thank You for your patience.

Our pastor has been in the field diligently working for the well being and provisions for others. 

During this time he has dedicated himself to study and prayer that God will bring us through this pestilence and this ministry will rise and shine the truth of the Gospel for all to come to know.

New sermons will be posted soon. In the meanwhile enjoy our sermon Archive.

Be Blessed

Be Safe

Cornerstone Independent Church Ministry


Thank You for remaining and joining us over the last several months.  This has been a most trying time for many if not most people throughout the world. 

Our pastor has been busy working to help provide for those he has been called to care for.

Sometimes this requires that he be called away from his desk and sermon writing but God has blessed him and his family with the strength to work and grow in the power of faith and obedience to the living Word of God. 

   Gardens and field crops have been planted and even in adverse weather conditions they are growing abundantly. Remodeling and updating of the home the pastor and his family will be moving to soon has been progressing well. God has provided the necessary means for every repair as it has been needed. When you put your heart into helping others God will always be there to provide in that work. 

   Please enjoy our newly edited Sermon Series from Romans. Our pastor preached this series starting in 2012. 

The Gospels in Harmony Series will continue when God calls the pastor back in from the field. 

Be blessed

Be safe



Please join us for our Fridays sermons as we continue to repost Pastor Freede's previous Sermon series. Because we are studying the education of the disciples during Jesus' ministry here with us, Pastor Freede asked that his Ephesians Sermon Series be reposted next. 

Please feel free to pass these sermons and our web address to all you can. These Sermons are free and at this time when many are asked not to join because of the risk of spreading deadly viruses you can still join with people throughout the world to study Gods Word and pray in unity.

Thank You

God Bless you in all you do in His Service,

Pastor Steven Freede

Thank You for joining us through our reposting of our "I Solomon "series. We hope that it was thought provoking and uplifting to all who joined us. Please help us spread the truth of the Gospel by passig there's sermons and our web address to all you can. This ministry is free. 

Thank You being with us for the reposting of our 1 Peter sermon Series. We have chosen to keep our friday posts going with another sermon series from our archives. This is Pastor Freede's  series from Ecclesiastes called "I Solomon". We do hope you enjoy these sermons as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. Be Blessed in all you do in the glory of God. Amen!

   Once again board members voted unanimously for Pastor Freede to remain head pastor for this ministry. The growth of this ministry has been wonderful and we praise God for His work in and through our pastor. No renewel date was suggested as all were in favor of his continuous work as the Lord has called Him to serve. Praise God for all who come to be part of this ministry. To Learn, to Teach, to Preach and to be Evangelists for the glory of God through a love for the truth in His Word.


A new page has been added with our Pastors handmade early american reproductions.

Enjoy the photo page or check out his website at:   www.thelockandboxshoppe.com     

Thank You for being with us through our study in James. We have decided to continue our friday Sermons with 1 Peter. Join us as we continue our Gospels in Harmony Series on Sunday and Wednesday also. Enjoy our pastors heart! 11/23/18

Thank You for your feedback. We will be reposting Pastor Freede's Sermon Series in James.

All Sermons are being rewritten from the Pastor Freede's original Sermon notes for your reading pleasure.

Enjoy our Pastors Heart. 3/30/18

Due to the wonderful growth in visitors to this ministry we would like to offer even more for your reading and learning experience with us. Pastor Freede has several completed sermon series and would like your feedback on posting an extra sermon each week from one of these series.

Please contact us with your thoughts on this idea and let us know which series you would most like to view first. Series include James, 1 Peter, Ecclesiatses or the (I, Solomon series), Ephesians and Romans. Thank You for your input and for doing the work of an evangelist by passing the Gospel to the world through this online ministry. 

Please contact us with your feedback at: pastor@cornerstone-independent-church.org


Many of Pastor Freede's Sermons and Sermon Series have been moved for editing and may soon be available in book form. Thank You for your patience as we work to supply these powerful teaching sermons in a new avenue and format for a greater outreach. 8/24/17

Pastor Freede's New Book, Short and Pointed is now available for purchase. Links for purchase are posted with this book. 8/24/17 

Pastor Freede will soon have a New Book out for sale. We will post a book page as soon as it is ready for distribution. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through this ministry.  6/4/17

Thank You for your prayers for this ministry throughout this past year. Fellowship Gardens was a great success, with much produce being raised and preserved for families in need.

This is a project that would and should be used on a much larger scale by all church groups.

Annual Board meeting was held on the Wednesday 1/11/17

Prayer and testimony was given and a vote was taken for Pastor Freede to remain 1st pastor for this ministry for another 2 year term.. The "yes"vote was unanimous and the meeting closed with much praise and thanksgiving to the LORD for the work He is doing through this ministry.

We Apologize for the error in posting the Luke 16 Mini Series.

It seems the second sermon was posted twice, as #1 and #2 .

This has been corrected.

Thank You


 Board Meeting Announcements 

At our annual board meeting of church, there was much praise and worship for all the Lord has done through this website. Readers continue to grow from all over the world. Visitor and viewer attendance continues to multiply as this site is spread by word of mouth just as the Gospel is to be spread. We do not advertise this website because we continue to believe it is faithful followers of Jesus Christ who will pass it on to others as the Lord works through them.

Many thanks for all of your prayers for our pastor and this ministery.

We are looking forward to another year of growth in service by the hand of the Lord.

Fellowship Gardens was discussed. Growing produce and livestock in abundance for each other is truly an act of love and devotion to each other as the Lord would have us live.

Next meeting scheduled for next year at about this time.


Board Meeting Announcements

First Order of business was the unanimous vote to keep Pastor Steven Freede as First Pastor and of the Cornerstone Independent Church for another 2 year term.

2. The decision to continue the Church and the Church website without asking for tithes and offerings was unanimous. Freely we are given, freely we give.

3. Future plans for the Church were discussed including the purchase of Property for a Bible research center and Lay minister training. Property already available was also discussed as a possible location.

4. Prayer request was made for the protection of our Pastor and his family from those that have no truth in them.

Next meeting set for when ever necessary Or 6 months which ever comes first.



Thank You so much for passing the Word to your friends via our church website.

We have enjoyed our humble service to our Lord and the number of visits has grown to nearly 2000 recorded visitors, from around the world, per month. We hope you continue to enjoy Pastor Freede's sermons and continue to pass the Word and this church site on to everyone. God Bless you in this service.


Changing the website to have more sermons posted with easier access.



Due to an overwhelming demand we are reposting our Ephesians series.

Enjoy the Word of God as He opens the truth to you in this sermon series.


We would like to thank everyone for making this website a success.

Please continue to read and share our weekly and archived sermons.

They are becoming a favorite for Bible study and small group meetings all over the world. Praise the Lord for the work He does in us and through us all!



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