WELCOME to the CORNERSTONE INDEPENDENT CHURCH A Non-denominational, Bible Based, Online Ministry
                                     WELCOME to the                  CORNERSTONE                   INDEPENDENT                          CHURCH             A Non-denominational,                     Bible Based,                   Online Ministry

Thank You for the great response to Pastor Freede's book Short and Pointed. All book sales help to keep this website up and running.

Help spread the Word. Order your copy today! A great gift for anyone.


Pastor Freede's new book, SHORT and POINTED is  available for purchase on Etsy and Barnes & Noble and many other hard copy and e-book outlets.  This is a collection of Pastor Freede's Short and Pointed Sermons from the last several years. Also includes the Short Sermon Series from Luke 16: Lazarus and the Rich Man. Enjoy our Pastors Heart.



Thank You for being an evangelist with us.                 Spread the Word by passing this website and Pastor Freede's Sermons on to all you can. The messege of the Gospel is here for all to read and give.

Be blessed in all you do for our Lord and Savior.   

Thank You



Welcome to the                      CORNERSTONE INDEPENDENT CHURCH

The Church is not a building. It is made up of individual God fearing, Spirit filled, disciples of Jesus Christ. No matter where you are or what time or day of the week, YOU are The Church! You are the glory of God through Jesus Christ. You are the Truth, the Light and the Life of Christ shining in this dead and dying world. The Bible says; if you abide in the Word of God, Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven will come and abide in you. (ref. John 14:23).

The Cornerstone Independent Church Online Ministry was created in 2012 by Pastor Steven Freede and has grown to be a worldwide ministry for all who desire to come closer to our Lord through a personal relationship. Pastor Freede's Sermons are designed to teach and encourage and guide those who come to grow in the Word of God. Join us as we present these teachings for your at home, personal and group studies. Sermons are archived until sermon series are completed. Enjoy our Pastors heart.


We are now posting Pastor Freede's latest sermons on the following pages.

Previous sermons will be found by following the index on the top of this page.

All sermons are archived after they have been replaced with new ones. Pastor Freede's teaching series in Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, Romans, James and 1 Peter, among others, have been moved for editing and may soon be available in book form.


You may download any of our sermons and use them for personal and group study.

We do not charge for this service.

All rights are reserved as these Sermons are published on this website.

Enjoy our Pastors Heart. 

Peace and Grace to you in the LORD.


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